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The application ‘Geodet’ is intended for processing data from geodetic field recordings with instruments ‘Topcon’, ‘Leica’, ‘Sokkia’, ‘Trimble’ and ‘Nikon’ as well as manual data input on geodetic measurements. Geodet supports all types of total stations and GPS devices of these manufacturers. The application allows the automatic creation of standard geodetic shapes (TZ, O1i2, O1v, O18-D, O8, O25, O19, O28p, OK, as prescribed). The created patterns are in the ‘* .xls’ workbook, so the data can be further processed in ‘Microsoft Excel’ later. Also, the application allows the creation of GPS Elaborate with the GNSS 1-4 forms.

In addition to the forms, drawings with mapped points and multi-format drawings are automatically created for the most commonly used CAD applications (AutoCAD, LandDevelopment, GoogleEarth, GoogleMaps, TopoCad, Plateia, PLS-CADD, MicroStation, DKV LPro). The application also allows the creation of geodetic patterns and drawings directly from processed coordinates of points (eg from points obtained from precision GPS devices), and automatic calculation of nodes. The Geodet application also allows for computing detailed point coordinates from given coordinates of polygon points (stations) and a tachimetric logger with metering points.

With the help of built-in Geodet converters, besides a host of predefined xsl data conversion schemes, it is also possible to define user-generated xsl xml / jxl log conversion schema and arbitrary output data format. The KOORDTRANS Coordinate Coordinate Coordinate Module allows for the conversion of coordinates between over 100 predefined dates with different soil ellipsoid models. Also, it is possible to calculate and create a user date and ellipsoid, and automatically calculate 7 transformation parameters for creating a date from at least three known points in the Gauss Krüger projection and the WGS84 coordinate system (Premium version only). These parameters can be used later to chart captured points in GoogleEarth and their display in the WGS84 system.

Key Benefits

 bullet Easy to use in Windows Graphics Interface
 bullet Automatic creation of all standard geodetic patterns (TZ, O1i2, Ov1, O18-D, O8, O19, O28p, OK, O25, coordinates of all points) combined into one Excel-woorkbook file.
 bullet Automatic calculation of nodes – angle calculation, x-coordinates, y-coordinates and elevation for node points by “Iterative Arithmetic Means Method”.
 bullet Automatically create drawings with scrambled coordinates of captured pixels in the format customized for the most commonly used CAD applications (AutoCAD, Google Earth, Google Maps, Topocad, Plateia, MicroSation, LandDevelopment, PLS CADD)
 bullet Automatic charting of objects and topographic signs based on geodetic codes that users themselves define
 bullet All Trimble, Nikon, Leica, Topcon and Sokkia GPS devices are supported
 bullet Allows you to manually enter data from field recording
 bullet Automatic conversion of different raw data formats from total stations and GPS devices to xls format
 bullet Integrated software download tools (LeicaSurveyOffice, Prolink, Trimble Data Transfer and TECS)
bullet Online customer support via the Internet:
 bullet Possibility of setting temples for Geodetic Patterns
 bullet The ability to easily create User Base Points Coordinate Points and Automatically Input Famous Points From a Base When Processing a Tachimeter Log
 bullet Possibility of recursive processing of data from already formed forms in xls format, as well as from other formats of the tachimetric logs: raw, gdt, mdt, asc, cst, csv, gsi, gre, gts, xls, PENZD-txt.
 bullet Module for the transformation of coordinates between a large number of coordinate systems
 bullet The ability to combine a tachimetric record with total station recording and data from a RTK recording with a GPS device (PENZD txt format)
 bullet Calculation of 7 transformation parameters for transformation of coordinates from the GausKrűger coordinate system into the WGS coordinate system
 bullet Automatic generation of GPS (GNSS) data from field work with GPS devices (statics or RTK)


You can get the Geodet software package directly from the manufacturer (IT Systems), via WebShop or through authorized distributors.
The price of 1 PC license for the Geodet Lite version software is 600 EUR (1200KM).
Geodet Standard License Price with USB Hardlock Key 800 EUR (1600KM).
Geodet Premium License Price with USB Hardlock Key 1000 EUR (2000KM).
The price includes: installation CD, user manual, license certificate.
For the purchase of multiple licenses, the appropriate quantity rebate is approved.

Application functionality upgrades are charged separately on request, in agreement with the customer.

For more information, you can contact us at:
tel / fax: +387 (0) 33 941 461, mobile: +387 (0) 61 150 009 or email:

Authorized distributors

BN Pro d.o.o. – Sarajevo, email:
Geodet d.o.o. – Sarajevo, email:
GeoWild d.o.o. Sarajevo, email:


In the Partners section you can go to Downloads, and you can download or open the user application manual, as well as sample forms and drawings created by the Geodet application, and the trial version of the Geodet application. To download the trial version, you need to register. Registration is free and the only required field is the email address.