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A new v7 of our Geodet profile software is available for sale. The new version of this very useful software tool for creating transverse and long terrain profiles brings a number of enhancements and new functionalities. It also provides support for working in the latest versions of AutoCad (2017) and supporting Autodesk products on all types of Windows OS (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10).

New functionality of Geodet profiles software

-Expand the parallel profiles with the print out of both the parallel profiles and their differences;

-The ability to select the option to print only the recorded points on the profile or the output of the point at a certain distance from the tracker (eg every 2 meters, missing points count by the interpolation method);

-The ability to select import data that is placed as attribute blocks, or as ordinary AutoCad points with the print queues and dot numbers;

-The ability to profile profiles from ordinary AutoCad points as well as Geo-points (AutoCad attribute blocks).

Geodet Software Profiles are delivered with a USB key so that the software can be installed on multiple computers and used by simply inserting a USB key.

Software Price

The price of the software license with the USB key is: 1638 KM (with VAT included).
It is also possible to purchase a license to create only longitudinal profiles or a license to create cross-sectional profiles only, in which case the price of such a license is 50% lower.