Web design and hosting

We offer the best hosting services and the development and maintenance of dynamic web pages / applications based on PHP using the MySql database. If you want to open an online store, we offer professional solutions for creating and managing the same, and integrating card business through Payement Gateway (PikPay, Paypal).

IT Systems has developed a comprehensive Webshop solution – an online store for small and medium enterprises. We offer a complete service: creating and designing Webshop; placement of products and services; integration with all the world’s leading online payment services (PayPal, 2Chekout, Worldpay, …); integration with domestic credit card services: Raiffeisen ePay and PikPay; domain registration (or free subdomains * .its.ba); commissioning (installations on the webserver) and Webhosting trade.

The complete package price is 1600KM. The price includes registration of .ba or .COM domain, webhosting domain, design of webshop, installation of 150 products in the webshop, installation and commissioning of the store, 5 email addresses, free notification of incoming orders to email and service support 12 months.


Design and hosting of websites/applications:

–      iTehnika d.o.o. Sarajevo (www.itehnika.ba)

–      PCPRODAJA (www.pcprodaja.com)

–      JU Služba za zapošljavanje KS (www.szks.ba/)

–      Postshop JP BH Pošta (www.posta.ba/postshop)

–      eShop BH Pošta (www.shop.posta.ba)

–      Općina Živinice (www.opcinazivinice.ba)

–      iT Systems o.d. (www.itsbh.com)

–      El-Kalem (www.elkalem.ba/)

–      Geodet d.o.o. (www.geodet.ba/)

–      termoGLAS Živinice (http://www.termoglas-bih.com/)

– Web aplikacija «Kalendar savjetovanja» – Zavod za zapošljavanje Republike Srpske

– Web aplikacija «e-Ordinacija» – Privatna specijalistička ordinacija – Prim. Dr Spahović Šefkija

– Evidencija članstva u političkoj stranci – SDA Tuzla; SBB BiH Novo Sarajevo

For any additional information you can contact us at: phone/fax: ++387(0)33 941 461, cell: ++387(0)61 150 009 or email: info@its.ba