HELPDESK – Online customer support

IT Systems offers another new software based on open source PHP software platform and MySql database. HELPDESK software is an ideal online service to support your customers or support customers within the company itself.

Software features

Sending a new request for support (web form or email)
Attach files
Collect detailed information through custom fields on the form of the request
SPAM prevention
Suggesting related articles from the knowledge base before the final submission of the request
Review and evaluation of staff support responses
Email notification of support staff responses
Search and browse knowledge bases
and more …

Unlimited number of articles in the knowledge base
Unlimited number of categories and subcategories
Quick and easy search
Attach files with the article
Automatic counting of article reviews
List of the latest and most popular articles
Rating article
and more …

Unlimited number of administrator accounts
Limited access to functionalities for individual staff
Great search options
Joining requests to staff
Manage categories and articles in the knowledge base
Management of staff accounts
Predefined answers
Customized Help Desk items
Tracking the time on demand
Modifying profiles and signatures of staff and administrators
Autocompletion of requests after X days
Creating various reports
E-mail notification about new requests and answers
Simply evaluating staff responses by clients
and a host of other functionality.