Geodet-Profiles - drawing of cross‐sectional and longitudinal geodetic profiles

Geodet-Profiles is an application for automatic drawing of cross-sectional areas and longitudinal profiles from PENZD points in AutoDesk applications such as: AutoCad2000-2018 or LandDesktop, AutoCAD Map, Civil Design, etc.
The application is fully integrated into AutoDesk software via menus and control panels. The drawing of transversal and longitudinal profiles has never been easier: with only a few clicks, the entire profile is automatically drawn.

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Complete integration into AutoDesk applications (via menus and control panels).
Automatically create cross-sectional terrain by simply selecting the axis of the route and setting the gap between the profiles (within a few minutes, drawing over 100 profiles).
Three ways of drawing single transverse profiles with: a) Selecting the center point (reaper) and two points on the profile (or the vertical profile lines); b) Selecting the center point (reaper) and the width of the profile; c) Select one point on the profile and two lines perpendicate to the profile (or two point profiles) – to the left and to the right of the center of the profile.
Automated print of coordinates for each listed profile in an external xls or txt file in PENZD format.
Automatically prints the data for each created profile (center and corner distance) in an external xls or txt file.
The ability to place a decimal number and a decimal character for all import and export points of a profile.
Possibility to set the width of the cross-sectional profile to the left and right, the regular number and the profile setup for each profile individually when drawing individual profiles.
Multilingualism with preinstalled support for English, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian, with the ability to add translation in an easy way.
Automatic longitudinal terrain profiling with the layout of the situation.
Import Points from the Point-East-North-Elevation-Description of the textual database point coordinates (which is one of the output formats from the Geodet application).
Export the selected points of the drawing in an external text file in PENZD format (text file with coordinates of points). This allows for a later simple import of these points into all Autodesk and other software tools for processing the drawings, as well as in most of the measurement geodetic instruments for the purpose of bumping.
It is possible to add PENZD points directly to the drawing of the terrain with automatic enrollment in a special PENZD base of added points.
Full parameterization of profile drawings – possible set of options: name of layers, text size and text color, data type for profile view, horizontal and vertical scale.
Opening / updating the coordinate points, which are in the previously set distance from the profile axis, to the axis of the profile. Tolerance-deviation of points from the profile axis can be separately set for transverse and longitudinal profiles in program settings.
On-line support for users via the Internet:

You can get the Geodet-Profiles software package directly from the manufacturer by ordering it via phone: ++387(0)33 941 461,  email:,  WebShop or through authorized distributors.

The price of the Geodet-Profiles license is 700EUR (or 1400KM). The price includes: installation CD, user manual, license certificate. For the purchase of more licenses, the appropriate quantity rebate is approved.
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